We are constantly testing the OpenSim software to verify that our algorithms are producing physically accurate results and that changes and updates don't change simulation results in unexpected ways. All of these tests must pass before a new version of OpenSim is released to the public. Below is a list of the tests we perform. You can examine each of these tests in the OpenSim source code, to be released via a zip file with OpenSim 3.0.

  1. Test Actuators
  2. Test Assembly Solver
  3. Test Constraints
  4. Test Contact Geometry
  5. Test Controllers
  6. Test Example Controller Output
  7. Test Custom Actuator Output
  8. Test Example Main Output
  9. Test Example Muscle Output
  10. Test Example Optimization Output
  11. Test External Loads
  12. Test Forces
  13. Test Function Adapter
  14. Text GCV Spline
  15. Test Init State
  16. Test Joints
  17. Test Lepton
  18. Test Marker Data
  19. Test Model Copy
  20. Test Moment Arms
  21. Test Muscle
  22. Test NC Spline
  23. Test OpenSIm API
  24. Test Prescribed Force
  25. Test Root Solver
  26. Test Serialization
  27. Test STorage
  28. Test Versioning
  29. Test Wrapping