OpenSim 3.0 is our biggest upgrade to-date. We've added new features, including live model editing, scripting in Matlab and the OpenSim application, and improved muscle models. We've enhanced some of the core existing OpenSim functionality, including our muscle models and tools for visualizing forces and other motion data. OpenSim 3.0 also includes a host of usability improvements for beginning users to advanced developers. Read more about the new features and improvements below.

Live Model Editing in the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Scripting from Matlab and the GUI for Batch Processing and Extending OpenSim

GUI Usability Improvements

Loading and Saving Models and Motions

Working with the OpenSim Workflow Tools

Creating Plots

Additional GUI Updates

Visualizing Models, Motions and More in the GUI

New Muscle Models

We have made some big improvements to the existing OpenSim muscle models and added new muscle models. Changes are summarized briefly below. Watch Matt Millard's Webinar about the new muscle models to learn more. 

New Probe Component for Making Virtual Measurements

API Improvements 

License Updates for OpenSim

OpenSim 3.0 includes updated licenses for the OpenSim application and the API. Read the License for OpenSim 4.0 and Later.

Documentation and Examples

Bug Fixes