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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common motor disorder in childhood, affecting over 17 million individuals worldwide (Cerebral Palsy Foundation). The majority of these individuals are unable to perform activities of daily living (ADL) due to wrist contracture, one of the most common symptoms of the spastic subtype of CP. As a result, these individuals are often forced to rely on a caregiver, stifling their independence. Furthermore, because a cure does not yet exist for CP, in order to improve their symptoms they often spend a significant part of their lives in physical or occupational therapy, in addition to trying various assistive devices which range from exoskeletons at $50-100k to rigid braces. The lifetime care cost for an individual with CP is over $1 million (Cerebral Palsy Foundation).


The overarching goal of this project—which extends beyond the work of ME 485—is to develop assistive clothing for individuals with movement disorders, first starting with CP. The two driving motivations are to 1) facilitate increased independence in individuals with movement disorders, and 2) to significantly decrease the financial barrier to treatment. The first prototypes draw therapeutic principles from literature on vibration therapy and Functional Electrical Stimulus (FES). Katusic et al. conclude that vibration therapy may reduce improve motor function and decrease spasticity. Furthermore, Wright and Granat's findings on FES on the wrist extensor muscles in children with CP showed increased wrist extension and increased overall hand function during treatment and at follow-up. 

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