In this lecture we will briefly go through different approaches to simulate surgeries and evaluate the outcome of surgeries.  The hands-on tutorial is a modified version of the online OpenSim tutorial 2 and aims to replicate the findings from the paper by Delp, Ringwelski and Carroll (1994) Transfer of the rectus femoris: effects of transfer site on moment arms about the knee and hip. J Biomechanics, 27 (10), 1201-1211. Please, find the lecture slides from the link below:

In the hands-on part of the lecture we will:

1) perform virtual surgeries in OpenSim and simulate different approaches to do a rectus femoris muscle-transfer 

2) evaluate the impact of the surgeries on hip and knee moment arms

3) compare our results with the findings from Delp, Ringwelski and Carroll (1994)

Please download the gait2392_simbody_RF_surgery_tutorial.osim model from the following link:


A detailed describtion of the tutorial is provided in the pdf-document below: