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You can alter display preferences for the 3D View window and other parameters in the GUI. 

  1. Selecting Edit → Preferences… from the main OpenSim menu bar. 

  2. In the Preferences window that appears, double click on the value of the option you want to change and enter the new value. To save changes to the preferences, click OK.


Option  Name

Default Value


When Applied

Geometry Path

<OpenSim Install Directory>/Geometry

A list of directories separated by a semi-colon that specify where OpenSim should look for geometry files (.vtp, .stl files). When a model is loaded, the directory containing the .osim file is searched for geometry files, as well as a directory with the name "Geometry" that lives underneath it if exists. If a file is not found in these 2 locations, the directories specified in "Geomerty Path" are searched in order. The paths are specified using the Unix format and are absolute (rather than relative).

Instantly, as well as to subsequently loaded models

Scripts Path<OpenSim Install Directory>/ScriptsDirectory containing OpenSim GUI scripts. These scripts will appear in the scripts drop down menu. See Scripting for more information.Exit/Re-entry into the application to see the Scripts list updated.



Direction to offset display of models after the first one is loaded (X, Y or Z)

Applied when the next model is loaded



Debug level (for Advanced Users). Debug Level 1 displays output about model conversion (i.e., updating from previous versions of OpenSim) to the Messages window . Debug Level 2 adds output about adding objects to system. Debug Level 3 adds output about deserialization of all model properties. This information can be helpful for troubleshooting, slows operations down due to I/O.


Experimental Marker Size1.0Display size of experimental markersWhen a new data set that contains markers is loaded.
Joint Frame Scale1.0Scaling factor for the joint frames when displayed (Parent/Child frames). useful only in cases where model units are too large or too small.Next time the Joint frame is hidden/shown
Muscle Display Radius.005Radius of the sphere representing muscle points and cylinders representing muscles in the 3D view windowNext time a model is loaded.

Persist Models


Whether to keep track of open models, motions and camera views so that they are restored on opening the application.

Exit/Re-entry into the application.

Save Movie FramesOffWhen set to off, using the movie creation feature will create a standard .avi file. When set to On, movie creation will result in a set of still frames (.tiff) in a common folder. This preference is a workaround for 64-bit machines, which do not allow the creation of .avi movies.Next time a movie is created.
GPU AccelerationOn  
LightWeight BrowserOff  

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