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  • We rely on conda to download the correct version for your environment/python-version. This however is not always true since conda also has to resolve dependencies and make arbitrary decisions. Keep an eye if your python version is the same as the one indicated by the package name  (e.g. 3.9 for opensim-4.4-py39np120) if not the case, create a separate environment with the specific python version and install opensim into it. In case of mismatch, you can specify which package to install in the one line installer (e.g. for python version 3.8, conda install -c opensim-org opensim=4.4=py38np120). The common symptom of this incorrect behavior matching between python version and opensim package is failing to load simbody DLL on windows. 
  • If usWe recommend installing the opensim package before installing any other packages in a conda environment as this will mitigate the risk of conflicts between packages and issues with using opensim.