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1) If you are using Matlab scripting, you will need to re-run the set-up process to direct Matlab to the appropriate libraries for 3.1. See Configuring Scripting with Matlab for OpenSim.

2) Several objects and functions have been deprecated in OpenSim 3.1. Although the following objects and functions are still available in OpenSim, we advise removing them from your code and workflows since they will be removed in future releases:

  • The use of control constraints for RRA has been deprecated. This option is no longer exposed in the GUI, although old setup files with control constraints will still work as in previous releases. Users should set appropriate limits via the actuator file. For an example, see the gait2354 gait10dof18musc example included with the release of 3.1.
  • In GUI scripting, the function addModel is deprecated. Users should switch to loadModel.
  • In both Matlab and GUI scripting, OpenSimContext, PropertyHelper, and ArrayDouble are deprecated. These helper functions are no longer necessary since Simbody classes such as State and Vec3 have been exposed. For more information, see Common Scripting Commands.
  • In Matlab scripting, the setDebugLevel method is no longer necessary. Messages are automatically logged.
  • Users should call updWorkingState rather than updDefaultState.
  • Several methods were moved from SimbodyEngine to Model. See the doxygen for more information. Users should switch to these new functions.