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A. OpenSense requires IMU orientations expressed as quaternions as input into the tools, so sensor fusion must be performed before importing data. We provide import tools for Xsens and APDM systems through our API (C++, MATLAB, and Python) to create an OpenSim storage file, and we have an OpenSense MATLAB example that shows this step with Xsens data. For other IMUs or if you want to use different sensor fusion algorithms, users can create custom import tools by matching the format in any example files provided with OpenSense. 

If For users comfortable with using the OpenSim API, if you can obtain IMU quaternions from an API with your IMU system, you can instead populate an OpenSim TimeSeriesTableQuaternion (TimeSeriesTableQuaterion API entry and TimeSeriesTable API documentation) and use the Table with the OpenSense tools directly, without using the import tools discussed above to generate a file.