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  1. Open a new plot window by selecting Tools>Plot....
  2. Click the Y-Quantity... button and select Unassisted(DegLoad file.)... near the bottom of the list to select kinematic data from your last simulation. If you saved the motion to a file, you can also use the Load file... option and navigate to the desired results fileand navigate to the file you saved in Part A.


    WARNING: You must load you results as indicated in Step 2 to plot kinematic data in degrees. Loading the results by selected Unassisted(Deg.)... in the Y-Quantity... drop down menu will load the results in radians. This is a bug that will be addressed in a future OpenSim release.

  3. In the Filter by pattern text box, type "sub" to filter the results to just those containing the text string "sub".
  4. Select subtalar_angle_r/subtalar_angle_r/value and click OK.
  5. Select X-Quantity>time to choose time as the independent variable.
  6. Click Add to display the data as a curve.
  7. Click on "Figure 1" in the Curves List to highlight it. Click again to rename. Modify the title field (e.g., "Ankle inversion (subtalar angle) during drop landing"). Alternatively, right click and edit using in the Properties menu.
  8. Click on "subtalar_r/subtalar_angle_r/value" to highlight the curve label in the Curves List box and click again to rename. Since this simulation used a model with no assistive devices, change this curve name to "Unassisted".
  9. Answer the questions below, then minimize the plot window. Keep the plot window open so you can use it to compare these results to simulations with an AFO.