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Comment: Add node for Frame, explicit Ground node


Node Label


What the node represents

[Model Name]

A full OpenSim model

  • Bodies

The set of rigid bodies in the model

  • [Body Name]

A single rigid body or Ground frame

  • [Wrap Object Name]

A single muscle wrap object

  • Display Geometry

Image Removed

The set of geometry files for a body

  • [Geometry Name]

Display geometry Geometry (a mesh file, or analytical geometry)


All forces in the model

  • Muscles

All Muscles

  • [Muscle Group Name]

A muscle group

  • [Muscle Name]

A single muscle

  • Actuators

All non-muscle actuators

  • TorqueActuator

A torque

  • CoordinateActuator

A Generalized force

  • Contact Forces

A force

  • Other Forces

A force


All joints in the model

  • [Joint Name]

A single joint

  • [Dof Name]

Image Added

A function describing dof changes

  • Dofs

All degrees of freedom for a joint

  • [Dof NameFrame]

Image Removed

A function describing dof changesImage Added

An offset frame used to define the Joint


A list of constraints associated with the model

  • [Constraint Name]

A specific constraint

Contact Geometry

A list of contact geometry associated with the model


A list of markers associated with the model

  • [Marker Name]

A specific marker


All motions associated with a model

  • [Motion Name]

A specific motion

ControllersAll controllers in the modle
ProbesAll Probes attached to the model
Other ComponentsAny other custom components that are a part of the model