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Comment: Code to read trc file


Code Block
>>> muscle.getOutputNames();

Reading Data from TRC Files into TimeSeriesTable



To read marker trajectories from a trc file into a TimeSeriesTableVec3, construct the table passing the filename into the constructor, afterwords you can interrogate the TimeSeriesTable for the actual data as below

Code Block
>>> markerData  = TimeSeriesTableVec3('markerdata.trc');

>>>numDataRows = markerData .getNumRows();

>>>numMarkersInTable = markerData.getNumColumns();

Using the Tools

Tools contain a number of grouped Methods that allow you to run a study. For example, to scale a Model to match experimental data the ScaleTool groups GenericModelMaker(), ModelScaler() and MarkerPlacer() together. The AnalyzeTool() can group StaticOptimization() and MuscleAnalysis() together to output muscle states of a Static Optimization. Tools can be initialized from a setup file (.xml) that has stored settings. They also have methods that methods can be called to change the input models, data files, and some settings. Use the API documentation or methodsview() in Matlab (described above) to explore the methods that are available for the Tool you are using.