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There are many tutorials and examples to help you learn how to use OpenSim.  The examples listed below move from introductory to more advanced:

Introductory Tutorials and Examples

Tutorial 1 - Intro to Musculoskeletal Modeling

Tutorial 2 - Simulation and Analysis of a Tendon Transfer Surgery

Tutorial 3 - Scaling, Inverse Kinematics, and Inverse Dynamics

Soccer Kick Example

Examples Using the OpenSim Workflow

Example - Forward Simulation of Stance and Swing

Example - Estimating Joint Reaction Loads

Batch Processing with Matlab

Editing and Extending Musculoskeletal Models

Example - Model Editing

Contact Modeling Tutorial 

Using the OpenSim API

The Developer's Guide has examples using the API, including:

Building API Examples - How to build API examples using CMake.

Performing a Simulation - Write a main C++ program (a "tug of war") to create a model and run a forward simulation

Creating Your Own Analysis - Write your own Analysis to output the center of mass of each body in a model, plus velocities and accelerations

Creating a Controller - Extend the tug of war example with a custom controller

Creating an Optimization - Write an optimization to find muscle controls to maximize the forward velocity of the hand

Creating a Customized Actuator - Implement a spring with controllable stiffness

Creating a Customized Muscle Model - Implement a muscle model with fatigue

Other Resources for Examples

Workshops  Please see our page of past workshops to find more examples and demos.

Also check out our Teaching Materials for more examples.

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