1. Plot the muscle activation patterns from the states file in the CMC results directory. (Tip: When selecting quantities to plot, use the "Filter By Pattern" to help your search. For example, typing "act" will list only the activation signals.)
  2. Are the simulated activations for the vastus intermedius (vas_int_r.activation) and gastrocnemius medialis (med_gas_r.activation) close to what you would expect?
  3. Plot the CMC residual joint moments (hip_flexion_r_moment, knee_angle_r_moment, and ankle_angle_r_moment) as functions of time from the *Actuation_force.sto file.
  4. Are the moments substantial? Does the plot give you confidence in the predicted muscle forces?
  5. Plot the CMC residual actuator forces (i.e., MZ, FX, and FY) as functions of time.
  6. How large are the residual joint moments and residual actuator forces predicted by CMC as a percentage of the body weight of the model? Note: Residuals less than 2% of body weight are considered acceptable.