1. Plot the applied forces and torques that act on the pelvis (i.e., pelvis_tilt_moment, pelvis_tx_force, and pelvis_ty_force) as functions of time. The data is in the ID/inverse_dynamics.sto file.
  2. What does the pelvis_ty_force curve tell you about the force applied during stance?
  3. Plot the experimentally measured vertical ground reaction forces (ground_force_vy [right leg] and 1_ground_force_vy [left leg]) from the leg69_stance_grf.mot file and the pelvis_ty_force as functions of time.
  4. How do the ground forces compare to the pelvis_ty_force?
  5. Given that the model consists of only a single leg and pelvis, in what time range is it reasonable to use this model with the given kinematics and measured forces?