This website will be undergoing maintenance on Wednesday July 18 from 2pm to 5pm PDT. We are also in the process of updating this documentation for OpenSim 4.0. Are you looking for OpenSim 3.3 documentation?

OpenSim Graphical User Interface

The OpenSim 4.0 GUI operates in a very similar manner to the OpenSim 3.0 GUI with a few differences to note:

  • The visualizer is new. In the top right of the visualizer window you will find controls to change the location of a light source for shadows, floor texture, etc.

  • Navigating in the view uses different mouse controls

  • Selection is now indicated by a yellow bounding box

  • A new color scheme is the default for muscles

  • Screen capture outputs high-resolution PNG files. Movie capture outputs webm format, for all platforms (including 64bit)


Troubleshooting Tips for the Beta Release:

  • Long periods of inactivity may cause visualizer to disconnect from GUI. If this happens, restart the application.

  • If visualizer crashes or performance degrades, restart OpenSim.

  • Turn off the preference to persist models by default as it may case a minor start-up error.

  • If animation is choppy the first time you play a motion, play again or in a loop and the visualizer will automatically improve play-back.

Change Log for API Users

The changelog for the 4.0 release is currently available on our GitHub page.