Upgrading to OpenSim 3.3 from OpenSim 3.2 should require minimal changes to models and workflows:

  • Users scaling models with ligaments should note that these components will now automatically be scaled and will no longer need special handling.

  • Users running Static Optimization with models that have passive elements should not that forces from the elements will now be applied according to the dynamics of the system.

  • We disabled access to StaticOptimization analysis from the AnalysisList panel in the GUI to disallow concurrent running of Static Optimization with other analyses. Now the only entry point is "Static Optimization" under Tools in the application. This change is to prevent confusion, since running a Muscle Analysis concurrent with Static Optimization will not give valid results, since the Muscle Analysis requires integration (is not Static).

  • Developers building from source will need to use Simbody 3.5.3. 

  • On Linux and OSX, note that Simbody 3.5.3 defaults to using C++11 while OpenSim 3.3 defaults to C++03, and these are incompatible. Most users should set the Simbody CMake variable SIMBODY_STANDARD_11 to OFF prior to building Simbody so that both packages are built using the same compiler standards. Alternatively, if you are interested in using C++11 with OpenSim 3.3, you can set the OpenSim CMake variable OPENSIM_STANDARD_11 to ON.