This hands-on workshop is held at the Summer School on Neurorehabilitation Engineering (September 14-19, 2014, Baiona, Spain).

In this hands-on workshop, participants will be introduced to the theory behind simulation of musculoskeletal movement in OpenSim, along with the framework of the software architecture and functions. The workshop will teach how to use the OpenSim's graphical user interface and how to access the Opensim API through MATLAB for achieving efficient low level modeling tasks without requiring significant C++ programming skills.

Two main hands-on exercises are planned. The first exercise is framed as an "inverse problem". Starting from experimental movement data, a subject-specific model will be created and a number of analyses will be performed including inverse kinematics, inverse dynamics, and static optimization. The second exercise is framed as a "forward problem". In this, participants will learn to create an upper limb model ground-up and perform muscle-driven simulation of elbow flexion-extension. Furthermore, additional model components will be added including passive springs and active torque actuators.

Please setup your MATLAB environment to operate with OpenSim by following the steps described at this link

Workshop Introduction Slides

Workshop Survey

Please give us your feedback on the workshop and OpenSim by filling out the workshop survey.