Several OpenSim Fellows, including Ilse Jonkers, Friedl De Groote, Massimo Sartori, Marjolein van der Krogt and Giordano Valente, are organizing an OpenSim workshop in Leuven, Belgium.



This workshop targets OpenSim users who are familiar with the tutorials but want to gain more insight in the data processing workflow in OpenSim and want support from experienced OpenSim users to import their own motion capture data in OpenSim. 

Course Location

The course is organized on the campus of the Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Science, Tervuursevest 101, 3001 Leuven, Belgium in Gebouw De Nayer (GDN, indicated in pink on the map) in the Aula on the first floor. A route description can be found here.
Leuven is located at 20km from Brussels. Leuven can be reached from the airport (Brussels National Airport) by train.

Campus map with indication of lunch options.


The agenda is available here.

Social activities

On Tuesday evening, there is a course dinner (cost is 45 euro). If you want to participate but did not yet register, do so as soon as possible by sending a mail to

On Wednesday morning, we take those who like to run for a tour of about 8km. We meet at 7h30 in front of Gebouw De Nayer (GDN, indicated in pink on the map). You can take a shower at GDN afterwards

More pictures.




Musculoskeletal modeling in OpenSim - Use and application

Musculoskeletal modeling and simulation in OpenSim.pdf

Data import, marker set definition and scaling


Lee-Son Toolbox to convert Vicon to OpenSim

Inverse Kinematics


Inverse Dynamics


Residual Reduction


Static Optimization


Executable for SO without the bug that prevents it from working when you have ligaments in your model.

Will be uploaded later.

Forward Simulation


Computed Muscle Control

Computed Muscle Control.pdf

Analyzing Simulations and Joint Reactions


Induced acceleration example setup file.

Model Validation