An OpenSim model is made up of objects or components, like bodies, joints, and muscles. You can edit most attributes or properties of an OpenSim model and its constituent components live in the GUI. For example, you can edit the mass properties of bodies, joint locations and orientations, the max isometric force of a muscle, and more.

This new capability, as of version 3.0, simplifies the workflow of users creating or modifying models, since you no longer need to open model files in a separate XML editor. The immediate visual feedback in the GUI also enables experimentation to understand the attributes of an OpenSim model and how they affect its function.

To learn more about the components that make up a model, see the section on OpenSim Models.

There is a generic editing interface or Property Editor and Outputs List, as well as specialized editing capabilities for muscles and functions. More details about editing OpenSim models are provided in the following sections:

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