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Opening a Motion

To animate a model, load an associated motion file (file type: .mot) into OpenSim. This can be done by drag and drop of the .mot (or .sto) file onto the Toolbar of the application, using the File menu as described below, or from the Navigator Window.

OpenSim will try to associate the loaded motion with the current model. If this association could not be done (e.g. because the motion file contains no coordinates from the model as column labels) then an error message is posted and the loading of the motion is aborted.

Option 1

  1. Select File →Load Motion… from the OpenSim main menu bar. 
  2. In the window that appears, locate and select the desired motion file, and then click Open
  3. After loading a motion, its name will appear in the motion textbox, located on the toolbar. 

Option 2

As with models, you can also load motions by dragging a motion file from the Windows Explorer and dropping it into the application.


Option 3

You can also load a motion by Right Clicking on the current model in the Navigator Window and choosing Load Motion... from the drop down menu that appears.

You can find the motions associated with a model in the Navigator window:

A new branch titled the name of the file just loaded will appear in the Navigator titled Motions. 

Expand the Motions branch by clicking the buttons to the left of the Navigator to expand or collapse to see all motions loaded for a particular model.


Syncing Motions

If you have multiple models loaded, you can sync their loaded motions (e.g. to compare Inverse Kinematics results with the output of the Residual Reduction Algorithm).

  1. Expand the Motions branch for each model. Select the motion for each model using Control + Left Click on the PC and Command + Left Click on the MAC. This will highlight both motions.
  2. OpenSim will match the times stamps of the motions. So when you hit the Play button in the toolbar, the models will be animated with their respective motions.



Closing a Motion

To close a motion:

  1. Expand the Motions branch in the Navigator. 

  2. Right mouse click on the desired motion and select Close.