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{old} Building OpenSim from Source

Creating Plugins (includes Tim's slides)

Creating a Sandbox Project

We recommend building a sandbox project outside of the OpenSim solution instead of adding projects or mangling examples. This will prevent accidental rebuilds that kill a lot of time and is just tidier.

  • To do this, open the (attached) in your sandbox directory. 
  • Run CMake and set the OPENSIM_INSTALL_DIR to where you installed OpenSim locally.
  • Set NameSpace to <blank>
  • CMAKE->Generate will create solution in your build dir.
  • To run your main in debug make sure you also built Simbody and OpenSim in debug and built INSTALL for them as well.
  • Build and run and it should generate a bouncing ball model and simulation (in the build directory).
  • You should be able to add headers and implementations of your classes right into the directory and rerun CMake for them to appear in the project.


If you install OpenSim 3.0 beta (version 3), you will find the latest OpenSim doxygen under sdk/doc. 

To get the Simbody doxygen corresponding to OpenSim 3.0, you will need to generate the doxygen yourself (for both OpenSim and Simbody):

Guide to Building Doxygen