Here a a few simple introductory steps to debugging an OpenSim plugin that you may be creating in the OpenSim API using Visual Studio:


1) Visual Studio

Load the plug-in project file and Set compile mode to “Release with Debug Info” (RelWithDebInfo)


2) Visual Studio

Build and install the plugin ALL_BUILD --> Build, followed by INSTALL --> Build


3) Visual Studio

Set breakpoints in the code where you would like the execution to stop


4) OpenSim

Load the OpenSim application


5) Visual Studio

Attach the plugin code to the OpenSim application

Debug Menu --> Attach to Process --> java.exe (OpenSim)


6) OpenSim

Load the plugin into the OpenSim GUI

Tools --> User Plugins --> <your plugin>


7) OpenSim

Run the plugin in the GUI. When the breakpoint is reached in your code, program execution will pause.


8) Visual Studio

Use the debug functions of Visual Studio to step through each line.