Presented by Adam Galloy1, Kayt Frisch PhD1, and Dylan Schmitz2

1Dordt College, 2University of Wisconsin-Madison



OpenSim is a powerful tool for analyzing motion capture data with musculoskeletal simulations. However, analyzing data can be difficult especially for new users. With these pages we hope to provide a guide to help you plan and prepare for simulation in OpenSim. This broader view of using OpenSim should get you started on figuring out how to apply OpenSim to your specific research need. In addition, some of the more specific details that we found were often absent in other guides are included here.

We recommend going through Tutorials 1-3 on the Examples and Tutorials page to get a basic grasp on OpenSim before continuing.


These pages were written for OpenSim 3.3. However, much of the content should still apply to OpenSim 4.0 (at the time of writing still in beta).